The Drummer is an original and stylistic cinematic feast of sight and sound. It is the first feature film to combine an engaging character-driven story with dramatic action and the stunning art of Chinese Zen drumming.

The compelling and emotional story follows Sid, a reckless youth raised in a Hong Kong triad family, who flees to Taiwan upon enraging a mob boss. Hiding out in the mountains of Taiwan, he encounters and joins a group of zen drummers whose mesmerizing art, rigorous physical training, and austere way of life eventually transform him into an extraordinary young man.

Sid's independence from the triad life is profoundly challenged, however, when a twist of fate awaits him back home in Hong Kong and forces him to choose between loyalty to his family and his new found faith in himself.

Production Team

Written and directed by Kenneth Bi, The Drummer is produced by Ms. Rosa Li of Kenbiroli Films in Hong Kong, Thanassis Karathanos of Germany's Twenty Twenty Vision and Ms. Peggy Chiao.

Mr. Karathanos's films include the 2005 San Sebestian Golden Shell winner "Stesti," and “A Perfect Day” which won the FIPRESCI Prize at the 2005 Locarno Film Festival.

Ms. Chiao's previous award-winning films include "Green Hat", winner of Best Narrative Feature at the 2004 Tribeca Film Festival, "Blue Gate Crossing", and the 2001 Berlin International Film Festival Silver Bear award recipient, "Beijing Bicyle."

In the East, the drum is the “king” of all musical instruments. The sound of the drums can penetrate one’s body. The solemn beat of the drums can open a man’s heart. The powerful vibrations of the drums can awaken a man's soul...